Business Branded Lanyards in Carrickfergus

Business Branded Lanyards in Carrickfergus

We can provide business branded lanyards in order to create brand awareness and promote your company.

Company Neck Lanyard in Carrickfergus

Company Neck Lanyard in Carrickfergus

If you need to purchase a company neck lanyard, we can carry out lanyard printing in order to display your brand.

Lanyards with Breakaways for Organisations in Carrickfergus

Lanyards with Breakaways for Organisations in Carrickfergus

We have a range of lanyards with breakaways for organisations. The safety breakaways are a great extra feature for neck straps.

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Branded Lanyards in Carrickfergus

Welcome to Designer Lanyards, we are specialists in providing business branded personalised lanyards in order to create brand awareness and promote your company. Do you need an experienced Lanyard Designer in Carrickfergus Then you have come to the right place.

Promotional lanyards in Carrickfergus BT38 9 can make your organisation stand out. Corporate promo neck-straps allow you to print on your business's logo or specific text. We can provide business branded neck-straps in order to help promote your company. These are often used in trade shows, conferences along with schools and colleges.

Promotional straps are well-known with regards to ID badges. They are basically a strap of material around a persons neck, shoulder or even wrist. They can hold ID badges, keys together with other similar items. A promo lanyard may range in style, materials and also design depending upon how you're meaning to use them. Individuals generally refer to a lanyard as a neck-strap. Retracting clips, as well as metal clip-fixing, can be incorporated onto a lanyard. 

As a way to tailor-make your corporate neck strap, we're able to change the colours utilized and we may also include things like logos. To incorporate your company logo, you may pick a string line lanyard instead of a rope. Our business branded personalised lanyards come complete with a safety breakaway; when force is applied, the lanyard will break away from around the neck.

The breakaway is an essential component of a lanyard as it keeps you protected from any harm in the event you trip and then get your lanyard caught on something. You can find out even more about our logo printed products by simply filling out our contact form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and additional information.

Company Lanyards in Carrickfergus

We can supply company lanyards to advertise your business and make your events look more professional. Company lanyards can be found in numerous colours and designs and even incorporate your logo onto them to make them more unique. Company neck-straps are popular within retail shops too, as keys and name cards can be attached to them. We can provide business branded straps in Carrickfergus BT38 9 in an attempt to suit your individual needs and requirements.

You are able to advertise your enterprise with the use of our products since you can get your own logo printed onto it. By having a company logo printed onto it, individuals will get more aware of your corporate brand. We are able to change the design and specification to meet your specific requirements and needs. Tailored company lanyards are often needed for festivals in Great Britain, in addition to conference meetings.

What are Corporate Lanyards?

Corporate lanyards are a strap which is worn around your neck, wrist or shoulder with your corporation's logo or name on to promote your business. They are often used in large businesses to carry their identification, however, a number of smaller companies also make use of corporate lanyards. Other phrases for our branded promotional lanyards products include a cord to hold an -

  • Object
  • Business neck straps
  • A wrist rope
  • A shoulder rope

They can now be used as part of a fashion accessory too. Trade shows, medical centres including NHS along with concert events have identified badges on these neck-straps. Here at we are here to provide you with all your advertising lanyards and id cards supply. 

Sizes and styles of our promo products fluctuate to satisfy budgets and expenses. We've got a wide variety of different corporate neck-straps - our basic straps will be less costly compared to the logo branded or promotional ones. Dimensions could be customized, this includes length as well as thickness. The most common colours tend to be -

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow

Business Neck Straps with Badge Holders

You can take advantage of our promotional neck-straps with badge holders, as these high-quality products are available at affordable prices. We specialise in the business branded straps in order to help advertise your company and increase its professionalism. It is common for people who use corporate neck-straps to attach badge holders to hold their name badges or ID.

ID cards and badge holders are typically used in combination with them. It is possible to transform different parts of the lanyard, including the plastic card case. Individuals in the United Kingdom might also utilize them for their mobiles, USB sticks along with digital cameras. They're meant to protect against dropping or losing and tend to be wrist straps for these goods. 

The amount of promo branded neck-straps you're purchasing at one time can cause the price to alter. Buying in a huge bulk will make the cost per lanyard much cheaper than a smaller amount. Generally, the more you order the less costly per item the price is going to be as a result of economies of scale. NHS order branded promo straps in bulk quantities regularly so they will get great offers when compared to a one-off workshop personalized order from a professional organisation.

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