ID Card Printer Suppliers in Ards

ID Card Printer Suppliers in Ards

We can supply a range of identity card printing machines for large businesses and schools who need to generate these ID cards on a regular basis for new people.

Identification Card Printers in Ards

Identification Card Printers in Ards

These machines come with a range of features which can be used to design and print personalised ID cards for each employee, student or visitor.

ID Tags Machine in Ards

ID Tags Machine in Ards

Many organisations pay a professional company to print these tags but having a dedicated machine for this can make it a much easier and cheaper process.

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ID Card Printer Suppliers in Ards

If you are looking for ID card printer suppliers in Ards BT22 1 we have a range of products available. Many companies choose to print their own identity cards with lanyards to ensure full security for all staff and visitors. With a specialist machine it is quick and easy to create cards for new members of staff or people entering the workplace.

Feel free to get in touch with us today if you are interested in purchasing one of these specialist printers for your business. Just complete the contact box and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to offer more information on the costs for this.

ID Cards Machine for Small Businesses

It is common for small businesses in Ards to purchase an ID card printer which can be used for creating many different types of identification cards. These can then be fitted onto lanyards and worn around each person’s neck. They will typically display the person’s name and photograph, as well as other information such as their date of birth and job role.

A lanyard is among the more popular identity accessories. These are basically a strap of material around your neck, shoulder or wrist. They carry items like identity cards, keys and also keyrings. Lanyards may range in style, materials and design dependent on how you're meaning to use them. Retractable clips and metal clip fixings could be added onto a lanyard to secure the identification tags in place.

Plastic ID Cards Printing

Local schools and colleges will sometimes require students and staff members to wear these plastic identity cards to ensure security of the building. They are often fitted with chips which activate doors, allowing them to open when the chip is swiped. This is great for ensuring that only staff, students and approved visitors can gain access to the site.

Custom-made neck straps or a lanyard can include company logos along with a selection of colours. If you wish to add your business or school logo, you may choose to customise the design. With a specialist machine from our ID card printer suppliers you can alter the look of the tags yourself. Many use these with staff lanyards which can be purchased here as the staff ID cards like to be on a works branded staff lanyard.

People often look for things like ‘identity card printers near me’ for a local company to provide this service. We work with many organisations in Ards BT22 1 and can supply a machine to carry out this process whenever you need it. In many cases this is a much more cost effective option for the client.

Buy Cheap Identification Card Printers

We offer great value for money if you are looking to buy cheap identification card printers. These machines are popular with large businesses or organisations that require every staff member to wear an ID badge. It can be annoying having to reach out to another company every time a new person joins and needs a card. If you have a specialist printer in house you can do this in no time at all.

With a printed business logo, you are able to market your company. While branding these lanyards you are getting exposure of the company brand. We will modify the specification and design of these to meet up with your personal needs and requirements. Business conferences as well as seminars typically use these as well.

Lanyards are very often used to carry these name badges; this is common for occasions similar to trade shows, as well as health centres like the NHS. It makes it easy for the wearer to place them around their neck and they won’t have to worry about carrying it or losing it.

Products We Offer

Take a look at our best three ID card printing machines below. These all come with a range of features to help you choose the perfect one.

IDP Smart 50S

The product which many people choose is the IDP Smart 50S identification card printer, this is good for a range of uses and creating different types of cards.

Main Features:

  • Prints up to 200 full colour cards per hour.
  • Manufaturer warranty of 5 years.
  • Make cards more secure with UV ink.
  • Prints different types of cards for a range of purposes.

Magicard Pronto ID Card Machines

The Magicard Pronto ID card machines are popular devices which are used for this purpose. It is one of the best value printer products that we offer if you need to stick to a specific budget.

Main Features:

  • Perfect for printing in small volumes.
  • Additional security is available for no extra costs.
  • Manufacturer warranty of 2 years.
  • Compact and portable.

Datacard SD460

As one of the most secure identity card printers, the Datacard SD460 is very popular with many organisations who need a large amount of cards printed for secure access.

Main Features:

  • Add a customised logo with Tactile Impression to prevent cards being cloned.
  • Perfect for creating large numbers of cards.
  • 3 year warranty from manufacturers.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested in any of these printer machines, and we'd be happy to provide you with some more details. Just fill in the contact form on this page to speak with an expert.

ID Card Makers in Ards

The benefit of purchasing ID card makers is that you can create new name badges whenever you need them. This is ideal for schools and universities where new students are joining all the time and new sets of tags need to be made every year. It is much more convenient than having a separate company make them for you each time.

To match particular financial budgets we can change the size and design of our lanyards. We will use various materials to fit your requirements; branded designs aren't going to be as cheap as basic straps. We are able to change the length of the straps, in addition to the thickness. These products can be found in a range of different colours; the most common colours are black, white, yellow, green, red along with blue.

Identification Cards UK Prices

The costs for printing identification cards in the UK can vary, but having your own machine often makes it more cost effective. Once you buy the machine from ID card printer suppliers you can carry on using it every time you need it and this can be a lot cheaper overall compared with paying someone else to do it for you. You’ll then be able to make them in bulk if needed, for example at the start of a new school year when every new student needs to have an ID badge.

Lanyards are generally used to hold identity cards as well as name badges. We're able to alter different parts of the lanyard, for example the card holder. They may also be used as add-ons to items like phones, flash drives in addition to video cameras to prevent these items getting lost. You can get branded lanyards to go with these which are really popular because branding your neck strap is great for advertising.

The prices for these products can vary depending on what you need but we can offer all the advice you need on this. Simply let us know what kind of printer you are looking for so we can offer the best products at the right price for you.

Other Lanyards We Supply

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