Pretty Lanyards

Pretty Lanyards

We have a range of pretty lanyards for our customers to choose from varying in colour, size and design.

Cool Lanyards with Logos

Cool Lanyards with Logos

If you have a company logo, there are many cool lanyards with logos which can be printed onto the neck strap.

Funky Lanyard

Funky Lanyard

If you want to stand out with a funky lanyard, you've come to the right place. Keep on reading for more information on the funky straps we have to offer.

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Pretty Lanyard Suppliers

Here at Designer lanyards, we supply a variety of funky and pretty lanyards for our customers to choose from varying in colour, size and design. If you want more expert information on funky lanyards suppliers our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

As pretty lanyard suppliers we have a variety of funky lanyards available for you to buy. If you want to buy a large amount of pretty and cool neck-straps it would be much more cost-effective than buying just a small few. Jazzy neck-straps can be found in a variety of different colours and designs. We provide custom-made pretty neck-straps in order to suit individual needs and preferences.

They are one of the more popular ID accessories. Lanyards are a strap of material around your neck, shoulder or even wrist. The most common use for a lanyard is to hold someone's keys or identity. To fit you in particular, we are able to modify the style or design of the cool neck-straps, plus the material that's used to make them. Consumers frequently refer to a lanyard as a neck-strap. Retractable clips along with metal clip-fixing may be added onto a lanyard.

In an effort to customize your neck strap we could alter the colours utilized and we can also include logos. Many favour rope material to be a single colour, on the other hand, other people brand the string line. Safety breakaways are incorporated on our jazzy lanyards; which means that when the neck strap is yanked with a force, it will break away from the person’s neck.

This specific safety feature is very important to avoid the user becoming harmed in the event that they get the strap caught on an object. If you'd like to find out more about the funky neck-straps which we supply make sure you fill out our contact form and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Cool Neck Straps

We have a range of cool neck-straps available. As Pretty lanyard suppliers, we have noticed they are often purchased for younger people who want funky designs on their straps which may hold their mobile phones and other devices. The jazzy straps are often considered as part of a fashion item too, especially amongst young people. It's not just youngsters that are looking for unique, funky neck-straps; a number of corporations are also interested in cool and jazzy neck-straps to be used inside their businesses. 

Printed lanyards are an awesome way to promote industrial businesses within the UK. This can then improve exposure. It's simple for us to custom make every part of the lanyard such as -

  • Colour
  • Design
  • Style

These are typically popular in musical festivals, workshops and conference meetings in the United Kingdom.

You might also find lanyards being named -

  • Cords
  • Neckstraps
  • Wrist ropes
  • Shoulder ropes

Universities, health care centres, trade shows and also other events and also institutions often use lanyards to hold name badges.

Neck Strap Accessories

Our funky neck straps and a pretty lanyard are usually attached to accessories like keys, mobiles and name cards. They can be supplied in a number of different colours and you can choose the whole design of your cool lanyard. We can alter each part of a jazzy neck-strap in order to please our clients. Additionally, we're able to fulfil individual spending budgets and needs by adjusting our specs.

We can easily make use of different materials to suit your requirements; jazzy branded neck-straps will not be as cheap as plain straps. Dimensions of straps could be tailored, for example, length in addition to thickness. The jazzy lanyards may be found in numerous colours with common colours being -

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • White

Identity cards plus badge holders are commonly combined with lanyards. The cardholder is attached to the cord with various clips which may additionally be designed to accommodate particular budgets. Individuals Great Britain can also use a pretty lanyard for their mobile phones, USB sticks and also video cameras. You're able to avoid dropping or losing these products if you buy a funky neck-strap from our professional suppliers.

For more information on our cool lanyard designs feel free to leave an enquiry in the contact box on this page and we will get back to you.

Funky Lanyard Costs

The cost of cool and funky lanyards or jazzy neck-straps can vary depending on a number of factors, like the amount which you are buying. Should you order cool 1000, this will be less expensive per lanyard when compared with ordering 25. The more you buy at a time, the more cost-effective they'll be per item. NHS buy large quantities regularly so they will get amazing deals when compared to a one-off seminar personalized order from a corporate company.

Other Lanyards We Supply

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We make sure that we offer great value for money when supplying this jazzy neck-straps. If you have any questions or queries about the costs or the funky designs available please fill in our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with additional information and a quote if required. 


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