Bespoke Company Lanyards

Bespoke Company Lanyards

We supply a wide range of bespoke company lanyards in order to promote and advertise different business across the UK.

Personalised Neck Lanyard

Personalised Neck Lanyard

If you're looking for a personalised neck lanyard, we are experts in the market. We have a number of different colours and designs to choose from and you can also add your own text.

Personalized Lanyards to Buy

Personalized Lanyards to Buy

There are a number of personalized lanyards to buy. We can meet your needs and requirements by providing printing services on a lanyard style of your choice.

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Personalised Lanyards

Here at Designer Lanyards, if you're looking for a personalised neck lanyard, we are experts in the market. We have a number of different colours and designs to choose from and you can also add your own text. If you want more info on personalised lanyards our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

We are able to supply personalised lanyards to suit individual needs. In order to make your strap more unique, you are able to create bespoke neck-straps by modifying the colours and design. We provide personalized neck-straps to large companies as well as individual people. These bespoke straps are available throughout the UK and can be modified in terms of length and width too.

Personalised neck-straps are well-liked when it comes to identity cards. They are basically a strap of material around a person's neck, shoulder or wrist. These hold objects including ID cards, keys or even key-rings. To accommodate you specifically, we will alter the design or style and also the material utilized when making them. A lanyard is also referred to as a neck strap.

Retractable clips, as well as metal clip-fixing, can be incorporated onto them. We'll discuss your unique preferences and personalized neck-straps in more detail if required. Please fill in our enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information and advice regarding bespoke designs. 

What are Personalised Lanyards?

Personalised lanyards are personally designed straps which are worn around a person's neck, wrist or shoulder which is then attached to an item such as an ID card, name badge or mobile. The most common use for a lanyard would be to hold identification.

They are often seen in -

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Large businesses

Personalized neck-straps are popular, as they can help businesses promote their company and they can also be bought by individual people who want a unique strap to hold their keys or mobile devices. 

Personalized branded neck or wrist straps are a fantastic way to promote industrial businesses in England. By having an individual logo printed onto them, people will become more aware of your business brand. Marketing materials can be tailored to whatever design and style you like. Personalized neck-straps are generally found at events and festivals in Great Britain and conferences.

Personalized Lanyards Suppliers

As professional personalized lanyard suppliers, we believe it is important to make sure that our consumers are happy with the products which we supply to them. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional service with high-quality products. Personalised lanyards are great for a range of different establishments, especially schools and hospitals.

Alternate words for them include a cord to hold something, a neck-strap, a wrist rope or perhaps a shoulder rope. These kinds of cords or ropes used are fashionable today and are created to participate in fashion clothing. Trade fairs, health care organisations including NHS along with live shows have name badges on these neck-straps. 

Sizes and styles of our bespoke products alter to meet financial budgets and expenses. We will utilize various materials to fit your unique needs; personalised neck-straps aren't going to be as cheap as basic straps. Dimensions could be altered, such as length and thickness.

The personalized neck-straps are available in several different colours with common colours being -

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • White

If you have any questions or queries regarding our personalized lanyards complete our contact form and we'll get in contact with you as soon as possible. 

Personalise your Bespoke Lanyard

You can personalise your bespoke lanyard by choosing particular designs, colours and dimensions. A bespoke lanyard is very popular among young people and organisations including schools, colleges and universities. Personalised neck-straps allow you to use your favourite colours and you may also include a logo or company brand name to make the individual strap more unique and professional.

They are generally utilized to hold identification cards in addition to name badges. We can transform various parts including the cardholder. They could also be used as components to items like phones, USBs and even video cameras. They're created to prevent dropping or losing and are generally wrist straps for such items. 

Rates of the personalized lanyards greatly rely on the quantity you would like to order at any one time. Ordering in a large bulk could make the price per lanyard a lot less expensive compared to a smaller amount. Normally the more you order the cheaper per piece of equipment the cost is going to be as a consequence of economies of scale.

Given that schools generally buy plenty of bespoke lanyards, the price per individual product will be really cheap for them.

Breakaway Lanyards Personalisation

We can also incorporate breakaway lanyards personalisation to make your product much more unique. We alter specific parts of the bespoke lanyard in order to meet individual requirements. In an effort to personalise your lanyard it is possible to alter the colours utilised and we can also include company logos and change parts of the breakaway.

You are also able to pick from a number of different materials which include rope and string line. They contain a protection breakaway that if pressure is applied; it will break away from round the neck. This particular safety element is important to prevent the consumer from becoming hurt in the event they catch their bespoke lanyard on something. We can modify the breakaway to suit your requirements and make the strap more bespoke and personalised to you.

If you require more information on the personalisation of our products please do not hesitate to contact us. Using our contact box make sure you send us your details and we will get back to you.

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